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General Account Questions

posted this on October 5, 2010, 05:41

How do I make a Habbo?

Anyone can create a Habbo account, just enter Habbo Hotel at then click on 'Register for free', and follow the simple on screen instructions.

Does it cost anything to play Habbo?

Habbo Hotel is free! It costs nothing to create an account and explore Habbo, but for a few Habbo credits you can decorate your room, buy gifts for your friends, buy Habbo Club/VIP or play games like Battle Banzai.

You can find out more about Habbo Credits by clicking HERE


How do I log in to my Habbo account?

To log in to Habbo, use the normal log-in box, but instead of entering your Habbo name and password, enter your registered email address and password.


Can I change my Habbo username?

No, unfortunately, we do not offer name changes for Habbos.

Why do you need my current password to change my password?

We need your current password to verify it is the owner of the account attempting to change account details. You have to know the current password and date of birth on the account as security so that it is not so easy for your account to be stolen. Just make sure you keep your personal details (including your password, email address and birthday) a secret.


Why do you need my birthdate to reset my password?

For security reasons, we require your birthdate that you entered when you registered your Habbo. It is our way of making sure that it is you changing your account details and not a scammer.

NOTE: Make sure you know the birthdate to your account! It is a good idea to put your real birthdate so you won't forget it. Find out below how to get your DOB if you have forgotten what you put.


What if I don't want to use my Habbo account anymore?

If you no longer wish to use an account you can take all your furni off of it, delete all rooms and spend all credits, the account will then be removed the next time that Sulake clear out unused names.

If you no longer wish to access the account, we suggest you scramble the password and change the email address on your account to a random, non-existent email address. We never delete accounts with furni items, Habbo Credits or that have been recently accessed, so we would advise to to ensure all these items are deleted/given away/spent before you abandon the account.


Why can't I see my other Habbos when I log in?

When you log in, any other Habbos you have with the same verified email address and password will be linked automatically. Habbos you have with different email addresses or passwords can be linked manually by clicking on the 'Add' button after logging in and selecting 'Add existing account' link.


Will other Habbos see my email address?

No, even though you will now be using your email address to log in, other Habbos will still only be able to see your Habbo name as usual.
I've forgotten the Date of Birth I registered with? What do I do?

To recover the date of birth registered on your account, please click on "Submit a Request" above to send us an email. Select 'I'm a Habbo' from the first drop down list and choose the Date of Birth option in the second.

You will have to provide us with proof that you really own this Habbo. Once we have verified this information, we will email you the birth date used. You might want to copy and paste the list below, and fill in the appropriate information.

  • Habbo Name:
  • When you registered your Habbo account:
  • Email address used to register your Habbo account:
  • Past email addresses that you have used on your Habbo account:
  • Your Internet Service Provider:
  • Have you ever purchased Habbo Credits?
  • Which methods have you used in the past to buy Credits?
  • Has your Habbo account ever been banned? If yes, please include details of the bans:
  • Names of your other Habbos:
NOTE: If you do not include all the above information in your email, it will take much longer to process your request as we will then have to email you requesting the missing information.
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