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All about the Habbo Friends list

posted this on May 28, 2010, 04:14

When you're on Habbo, you probably want to talk to the friends you make! Here, you can learn all about Habbo's Friends List (which some people call the console), the feature which keeps you in touch no matter where on Habbo you are.

How do I search for Habbos not already on my Friends List?

The Friends widget located on the left of of your screen once have logged into Habbo allows you to search for other players. Enter the name of the Habbo you wish to find in the box and a list of players matching the name will be displayed. Each displayed name links to the player's Habbo Home page where the 'Add as friend' button can be found (if they are accepting friend requests!)

How do I find out when my friend was last on Habbo?

The Friend Management tool tells you when your friends were last online. This tool can be reached via Account Settings or by clicking the cog icon located at the bottom left of your console.

How many Friends list categories can I have?

You can currently create 5 new categories to organise your friends into.

How do I change a category name?

To change the name of a category in your Friends List, click on the spanner icon next to the name of the category in your Friend Management window.

How do I manage my Friends List?

To manage your Friend List, log on to Habbo and navigate to your Account Settings page on the Habbo homepage (not inside the hotel). Select 'Friend Management' from the menu on the left hand side of the page and follow the options.

What is "Follow A Friend"?

It's a clever way for you to jump to the same location as your friends, using the Console. Just look at your Friends List in your Console, click "Go to same room" and jump straight to your friend's location in the Hotel! The only places you can't go to are locked or password-protected rooms. Just bear in mind that this also means that anyone on your Friends List can jump to where you are - so think carefully who you add as a friend!

How do I turn off the "Follow a Friend"/"Go to same Room" feature?

If you want to stop an individual from following you, the only solution is to remove them from your Friends List. If you are happy to stop everyone from following you, then you can make yourself appear offline by updating your account settings.

How do I delete a friend?

From your Account Settings page, click on the Friend Management tab, search the Habbo name you want to remove by pressing the red X. Please note that you can currently can't change Account Settings in the new web.  To change Account Settings, please go to

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