All about Habbo

What is Habbo?

Habbo Hotel is a virtual hotel environment where players can socialise with each other using customized avatars called Habbos. The virtual environment features Public Rooms which are accessible to all players; and Guest Rooms, which are private user-created rooms. Habbos can furnish their rooms with items called Furniture, and may also choose to adopt a virtual pet. Habbo also features a number of mini-games within the Hotel environment, and we encourage the community to create and host new games and other events, such as competitions, debates, and performances.

Does it cost anything for my child to play Habbo?

Players can register for an account, check into Habbo Hotel, and play in the Public Rooms for free. However, we do charge a small fee for certain premium items in the Hotel, such as Furniture, and Habbo Club subscriptions, which provide additional features and services to the players.

These premium items are purchased using the Hotel's currency, Habbo Credits, which can be purchased through various secure methods such as prepaid cards or SMS. All of our payment systems have a certain limit to prevent over-spending and we make it very clear that players need to ask their parents' or guardians' permission before making a purchase. You can also learn more about Habbo Credits here.

I'm seeing charges on my phone bill/credit card bill. What are they?

Please note that we do not operate automatic diallers. The only way you can be charged with a Habbo purchase in your telephone bill is if someone picked up your mobile phone and sent a text message (SMS) to the Habbo Credits line.

If you have found charges for Habbo on your mobile/cellphone bill, or credit/debit card statement, then it is likely that a user of Habbo in your household has purchased Habbo Credits through that method.

You can find out more about the methods of purchasing we offer by visiting the Habbo Credits page.

As all transactions are initiated by the Habbo user, we are unable to offer refunds as it is up to the parent/guardian to monitor their child's online activity and spending.

Habbo cannot be responsible for the actions taken by our users. You should speak to the user in question regarding these payments and educate them about responsible spending.You are able to see the credit limits here.  Should you wish for further information about the charges, or to request the account user be suspended from the service, please contact us.


You can find out more about Habbo in our Parents' Guide page.

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