Can someone steal my child's furni or credits?

If your child has logged in to his/her Habbo account, and found some of your furni items missing, or credits spent then it sounds like he/she has been the unfortunate victim of an account compromise, where someone has managed to break into the account and stolen the items/spent your credits.

We do everything we can to make sure that Habbo is a safe place to hang out, but we always warn and educate Habbos to look out for people trying to trick them.

If your child's account has been accessed by another person, it is as a result of some form of user error. This error could be giving out your details on a fake Habbo site or by telling someone your Habbo password. It could mean that the password on your child's account was an easily guessed password, or that the password was not secured properly (by doing things like writing the password down somewhere where other people can gain access to it).

Personal computer security flaws can also be a cause: in many cases users have inadvertently installed a keylogger or trojan horse virus on their computer. This can happen when a user visits a site advertised by another Habbo that is a fake Habbo site. Sometimes, even when a user visits such a site, but chooses not to enter their login information, it is too late. By visiting the site alone, they have picked up a key logging program. All the other person has to do is wait for them to login and simply collects their password via the keystrokes.

Habbo cannot take responsibility for user-error and so we are unable to return the furniture or credits to the user in this case. You may wish to review our our Terms of Service for further clarification on this issue:

To ensure the safety of your child's Habbo account we suggest you run up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your machine before going on the Internet again, then changing your child's Habbo password as soon as possible.

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