Receiving strange emails in your inbox?

It has come to our attention that some users are receiving emails pretending to be sent from Habbo or Hotel Staff. These emails ask you to re-verify your email address and re-activate your account or your Habbo will be deleted. Please be aware that these emails were not sent by Habbo and are being used to gain access to your account by sending you to scamming / phishing sites.

- Never follow links from emails to services, even when the messages look trustworthy. Type the address in your browser instead and be careful because many scamming sites look exactly like ours in an attempt to fool you into entering your username and password.
- Never reveal your password to any other person or web site.
- Check your browser's address bar before typing in your password.

Please be aware that we would never email you threatening to deactivate your Habbo account on such short notice. If you do receive strange emails like this and you are not sure if they are really from us, please contact the Habbo Help Tool.

Also, please remember to be careful who you give out personal information to on Habbo and on other websites.

If you have lost your password please use the password reclamation tool If you suspect someone else has got your account details, please change your password. If you have lost your password, click here and then  click the  "I've forgotten my password next to the login fields.

Check this news for an example of a phishing email

Stay safe Habbos!

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