Scam Alert: Habbo X Phishing email

The below is a FAKE email and it does NOT originate from

After reviewing your account for a long time, You have been chosen to take part in the new Habbo X program, you will receive a new badge that will distinguish you amongst other Habbo's, you will have the ability to mute and unmute Habbo players based on your review on them, you will have a Habbo X help tool in which you will be receiving 5-10 questions a day and you have the right to deny some questions that you cannot answer or think are not appropriate.

Based on the questions you answer, you will have a rewards system in which the person with the highest rate of questions answered will get to pick from a variety of super rares! There will also be a rank system which will qualify you after moving up some ranks to be part of the Moderator program.

Please note this program is still in BETA mode, and we highly advise you not to share your code with anyone because this is only for your Habbo character.

Special Code: Jt539***********

To redeem this code please visit your new Habbo X homepage, this will be the place where you will login from and where you will get the newest updates about this program.

Your special Habbo login page:http://services****************

HABBO is a registered trademark of Sulake Oy in the European Union, the USA, Japan, the People's Republic of China and various other jurisdictions. All rights reserved.


If you have clicked into the website above and entered the special code, please ensure that you change your Habbo email ID and password immediately and scan your computer for malware.  You can get more info about antivirus here.

Habbo url always begin with

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