We have been receiving some reports lately of so-called "Java Drive Bys." Although they have been tied to Tumblr blogs (blogs that are hosted by Tumblr), we want you to keep this ruse in mind whenever you click a link that you do not know.

Here is a Q&A that will explain this issue further:

Q: What is a Java Drive By?
A: A script that allows someone else complete control of your computer

Q: How does this happen?
A: For whatever reason, someone might give you a link to check out their Tumblr blog (or perhaps another website). When trying to access this site, you get a  pop-up asking you to enable Javascript in order to see the page. Accepting this will allow the hacker to access your computer.

Q: How can I avoid this?
A: Whenever you click on links in Habbo (or anywhere else), you have to be careful of what you accept. Never click 'OK' or accept a download without knowing for sure that it's absolutely safe. Whenever you're in doubt, don't click!

As always, take precautions, stay smart and be safe!

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