What are Retro sites?

1. What are retro sites?

Retro sites are fake, illegal Habbo copies that run on server emulators. There are several retro sites on the market. Most of the sites are just hobby projects, but there are some that make money through advertising and user subscription.


2. How do they work?

The retro sites operate using a server emulator. Some people, who are specialized in developing server emulators, make their living by selling them. The server emulator communicates with Habbo’s computer systems by unlawfully bypassing the encryption of the Habbo client software. Once bypassed the Habbo client communicates with the retro site image server and delivers the images and graphics that are used by the retro site.


3. Why are they a problem?

Many of these sites could be harmful for the users of Habbo as they might contain viruses, Trojans and other harmful or destructive codes. Also, some of the sites are used to scam and trick genuine Habbo users into revealing their passwords.


4. Are they illegal?

Retro sites are illegal because they use Sulake’s copyrights, database rights and trademarks without Sulake’s authorization. This allows the sites to look and feel like Habbo. This type of activity is an infringement of Habbo’s intellectual property rights and, if caught, the retro site operator is liable to civil and criminal penalties. Furthermore, in many instances the operators of retro sites have illegally reverse engineered the encryption of our client software.


Practically a basic retro site is violating the following rights of Sulake:

  • They have illegally reverse engineered the obfuscation of Habbo Client.
  • They illegally use our Habbo client software, protected by copyright.
  • They illegally use our graphics, source code and databases, protected by copyright and database rights.
  • They often use Sulake’s protected trademarks, Habbo, Habbo Hotel, Sulake or Bobba.
  • They pass themselves off as authentic Habbo sites and deceive consumers.


5. Why don’t you do anything to stop them?

Oh, yes we do. We cannot say a lot about what we are doing, otherwise we are jeopardizing the proceeding of the cases. However, we are following the scene actively and have already prepared and commenced legal actions against certain people. We are especially focused on shutting down and prosecuting individuals who are developing server emulator software. They are enabling the setting up of retro sites. Legally speaking they are jointly responsible for the right violations made by the actual retro sites.


6. Where can I report a retro site?

If you have found a fake Habbo site (sometimes known as a "retro" or "Habbo retro"), then please report it to us. You can do this by clicking on "Submit a Request" above, and choosing the option to report a fake Habbo or "retro".

Due to the number of emails we receive on this topic, we are unable to reply to each mail individually, but Habbo does investigate all reported sites and will make every attempt to have them taken down, up to and including taking legal action against those who create and/or operate them.







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