Account Safety Lock

We've updated our Account Safety Lock feature to make your account even safer. Here´s how it works:


 So what does the Account Safety Lock exactly do?

The Safety Lock protects your account from unauthorized access. Once you've enabled it, the main features on your account are blocked for anyone trying to log on from a location other than your normal  IP address. So e.g if you normally live in Brooklyn and have enabled your Safety Lock there, then spend a week with relatives in the Philippines,  or even just across the river in New Jersey, you will not be able to trade, purchase from the catalogue or change your password until you have answered the safety questions and so unlocked those features on your account.


 What are the safety questions for?

If your account is safety-locked, a notification banner pops up on your screen. Clicking on this will display the safety questions you previously saved on your account. Once you've answered the questions correctly, your account will be unblocked and you will once again have access to all main account features. 


What if I forget the answers to my safety questions? Can the Help tool help me out?

Unfortunately, no. As with your password, Help tool staff does not know the safety questions or answers you saved on your account.


So when you say my account is safety-locked, does that mean no one can access anything on there?

Your account can still be accessed with the right email and password combination, however, all main features are disabled. All critical items will be disabled until you or whoever is trying to gain access to the account has correctly answered the safety questions. Features that are disabled when the account is safety-locked are:

  • Adding or removing credentials
  • Changing passwords
  • Changing email
  • Linking and adding accounts to identity
  • Trading and using marketplace
  • Purchasing from catalogue
  • Dropping furniture to group room
  • Deleting rooms

Do I have a choice or is it mandatory to put the Safety Lock on?

Of course you have a choice. You can chose whether you would like this feature enabled or disabled on your account. We obviously recommend that you do take advantage of this and enable it as it will add greatly to the security of your account.


Does the Safety Lock also work when my brother in his room next to mine uses his laptop to log on to my account?

No. The Safety Lock only blocks access to main account features from IP locations different from yours. As the IP location of everyone in your house is the same, this feature will not work and so you'll have to find other ways of keeping your brother from causing havoc on your account :o)


Can I set my safety questions on iOS or Android?

Sorry, no. You can currently only set your safety questions in the PC version of Habbo. Log on to the homepage and click on the triangle next to your avatar image and select Settings. Then go to Account Protection and follow the instructions there. 




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