Facebook access

If you have been been unable to log into Habbo due to the fact that your account is linked to your Facebook account please follow the steps below to remove the Facebook association from your account. Once this has been done you should be able to log into Habbo using your email or username.

1. Sign into Facebook
2. Go to your Account drop down menu and click Facebook Application Settings
3. Click the "x" beside the Habbo Hotel application

And then:

1. Log into Habbo using Facebook connect
2. Click on your Habbo on the /me page
3. Click "Manage account"
4. Click "Signing in options"
5. Click "Edit"
6. Click the red delete button next to the Facebook logo
7. A prompt will appear which you have to agree to
8. Sign out of Habbo
9. Afterward you can sign in to Habbo either with your email or Habbo name, and your Habbo password

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