How do I remove an email that is on my ID?

If you have an email currently showing on your ID that you'd like to remove, please follow these steps -

  • Click your avatar on Habbo front page, to get "Character settings" page. Go to "Manage account" -> "Manage email addresses". Here you can see all email addresses that are attached to your account. You can send activation emails, change your primary email address and remove secondary email addresses.
  • If your real email address is not verified, you need to verify it now. Click "Resend Activation Email" link under your real email address. Go to your email reader, wait for the email message from us and follow the instructions there. If you have a fake email address, you need to first add a real one, otherwise you need to contact our player support to remove the email address. (This might take a long time.)
  • If your real email address is verified, you can change it to be your primary email by clicking "Make primary address" link under it.
  • After changing your primary email address back, you can remove the other email address by clicking "Remove address" link under it.

If you are unable to log in to your account, and you're sure the email and password are correct, you can try the "forgot password" link to change the password. However, if your primary email address has been changed, the "forgot password" feature won't be able to find your account and you will need to contact player support to reclaim your account.

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