The Underage Ban

There's been a surge in underage bans in the hotel lately. We hope the following information helps you avoid getting mixed up in one of those.


Why do you ban for being younger than 13?
Habbo is for players 13 years and older, so if you say you are younger than that, you risk being banned for being underage.

I'm banned because I said I'm 11, but it was a joke.
We have a legal obligation to ensure the site's age limit is kept. This is why your account may get banned, if you say that you are younger than 13, even if you say it in jest and you're really older.

Can I appeal an underage ban? I've got proof that I'm older than 13.
If you are 13 years or older, you can appeal your underage ban by submitting a ticket here and choosing the "my account is banned/muted/trade'locked" section. Customer support will let you know what sort of proof of age they need from you to get your account unbanned. Please note that depending on the ticket volume it may take a little longer to get to your request.

Ok, I'm not 13 yet, but I'll be 13 in 10 months. Can you unban my account then?
Sorry, but no. Like with any other ban, Customer support can only look into appeals up to six months after the ban happened. See here for more information on bans and appeals. You can always make a new account, when you are old enough to play Habbo.

How can I avoid an underage ban?
Don't joke about being under 13 years old. Also, watch out for Habbo trolls who trick others into saying they're 11 or 12 years old, just to then turn around and report them. By the way tricking others into saying they are underage on Habbo can earn you a permanent ban. 

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