Prepaid vouchers from UK

Which vouchers can I buy in UK?

There are three different vouchers you can purchase. Paysafecard, Wallie or UKash.


Where can I buy these vouchers from?

Anywhere with a Paypoint sign should sell these vouchers.

You can find sellers via the following sites -





What do I do once I have purchased a voucher?

  • Once you have your voucher, you need to go here
  • At the top of this page are the buying options for vouchers.
  • You simply select the amount of credits you require and click buy
  • Your email address will be shown (make sure it is correct)
  • Select the voucher you have by clicking on Paysafecard, Wallie or UKash
  • You'll then be redirected to the particular site.
  • You'll be asked to enter your voucher code and value
  • You will then be given a code which you need to redeem here, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter the code next to where it says 'Enter your voucher code' then click redeem.
  • The credits will then go into your purse.


Why did I not get my credits?


You may have entered the Habbo voucher code incorrectly when you typed it on the Habbo site, you must enter it how it was written when it was given to you. If you have any problems with the code, you can contact us and we will help you further.


I enter my voucher code (PIN) and receive an "error' message. What's wrong?

You may be entering the code incorrectly. Some letters or numbers may look like other letters or numbers. Here are the most frequently mistaken characters:

B and 8

D and 0

G and 6

g and 9

q and 9

Z and 2

Please note that codes never include the following letters: i, l, o, w. Make sure to enter your code without spaces.

If you are sure you are entering your code correctly and still receiving the error message, please use the information on the back of your Habbo Prepaid Card to contact the Help Tool.

We would highly recommend you check the credits page regularly for updates or changes

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