Buying using Home Phone

How do I get Habbo Credits by Calling?

To purchase Habbo Credits with a phone, please visit our Credits page.

Always ensure that you have the permission of the bill payer before buying Habbo Credits and you are the appropriate age. You will be permanently banned from the site if you don't have permission.

How much does the call cost? 

The price of the call will be shown on the credits page for your particular country.

I'm seeing charges on my phone bill. What are they?

If you have found charges for Habbo on your mobile/cellphone bill or landline telephone bill, then it is likely that a user of Habbo in your household has purchased Habbo Credits through that method.

You can find out more about the methods of purchasing we offer by visiting the Habbo Credits page.

As all transactions are initiated by the Habbo user, we are unable to offer refunds as it is up to the parent/guardian to monitor their child's online activity and spending.

Habbo cannot be responsible for the actions taken by our users. You should speak to the user in question regarding these payments and educate them about responsible spending. Should you wish for further information about the charges, want the number blocked or to request the account user be suspended from the service, please contact us.

I live in Australia and have a question regarding my telephone bill.

In Australia, please contact Beinteractive on 1800 65 33 44 between 8.30am and 5.30pm (AEDT), Monday to Friday.

What are the limits for buying with a phone?

All the limits can be found here

Premium numbers don't work for me. Why?

The bill payer may have blocked premium rate numbers. Please inform your parent/guardian or the bill payer to see if they can solve the problem by asking their phone service provider to unblock the number.

If you are experiencing problems with buying credits using Home Phone, these might be possible reasons:

- Your number is private/ ex-directory/ has caller ID switched off and our system is unable to detect who is calling. Therefore, the call will not be connected.
- You have reached the maximum amount of calls limit you can make per week and you cannot purchase any more Habbo Credits by this method until next week.
- You are calling from another country, for example, you cannot call the UK Habbo Credits number from USA.
- You have mis-dialled the Habbo credits order line number.
- You are calling from a cell/ mobile phone which does not support call.
- You have fallen for a fake advertisement and it's not really the Habbo phone number you're calling.
- You are not on a touch tone phone (touch screen phone cannot be used) and therefore cannot use our home phone order service.

- You are using a VOIP phone, and therefore cannot use our home phone order service.

You may also try other payment methods available to purchase credits. Please find out more at

We would highly recommend you check the credits page regularly for updates or changes

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