Competitions - Real life prizes

From time to time we run competitions or polls, and the prize could be a real life prize. The prizes range from Games consoles to cinema tickets to DVDs. For us to be able to send these to you, we of course need to get some personal information from you.

We will send you an email from the Help Tool that will give you the link of the competition, and ask you for the details we need to send you your prize. We will get your email from your Habbo Information that we hold when you update your account, it may be your sign in Email ID or your main Email if that differs. So it is very important that this is always kept up to date.

Once we send you the email, you'll need to reply within 15 days from the date we send it. If you do not, we will allocate your prize to the next winner. So it is important that you reply as soon as possible.

If you suspect that someone has sent you a fake email asking for these details and you want us to check it for you, please email our Help Tool and include the ticket number from the email you have received, and we can confirm if this is real or not.

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