Ambassadors at your service

What do Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors are a group of experienced, mature Habbos who's main mission it is to welcome new users to the hotel and show them the Habbo ropes. They also make sure that public rooms are nice, safe places for everyone to hang out. Ambassadors may also help keep official game rooms blocker-free and host safety-themed events.

Who's currently on the Ambassadors team?

Master Ambassadors


What sort of powers do Ambassadors have?
They have access to new-user-only lounges and can identify new users around the hotel for engagement purposes. They can also warn, kick or mute misbehaving Habbos in public rooms.

What's the difference between Master Ambassadors and Ambassadors?
Ambassadors are grouped in three teams according to the main time zones in the hotel. Master Ambassdors manage these teams as team leaders.

How do you pick Ambassadors? I can't see an application anywhere.
Candidates are selected from those users who have been active Guardians over a number of months. We look at their Guardian votes, their mute/ban history, their behaviour around the hotel and many other criteria.

What's the maximum amount of Ambassadors you'll recruit?
We currently have 16 Ambassadors active in the hotel, 5 for the timezone US/CA, another 5 for AUS/NZ and finally 6 for UK/Europe.

When do current Ambassadors finish? When do they get replaced?
This is an ongoing programme, meaning that there are no finish dates. If an ambassador becomes inactive or quits the programme, we may look into getting a replacement from the active Guardian pool.

Are Ambassadors the next step on the Helper/Guardian track?
No. We consider only full, active Guardians for the Ambassador programme, because the majority of these Habbos will have an interest in helping others and because we can track their activity. Nevertheless the Ambassador programme is entirely seperate from the Guardian track.

What's happening with TBD on the Guardian track then? You've been promising to sort that out this year.
We're sorry that this has been taking way longer then expected. We had a rethink and decided to overhaul the entire track, before something new can be introduced.

Can I report hacking incidents and stuff like that to an Ambassador?
No. Ambassadors do not have access to chatlogs, like moderators do. If you want to appeal a ban or report a hacking incident, you still need to alert moderators or submit a ticket at

What if I see an Ambassador being inappropriate or I don't agree with their alert or mute? Can I report them?
Everyone in Habbo has to follow the Habbo Way. This includes Ambassadors. If you feel that an Ambassador is not playing by the rules, you may alert a Master Ambassador or submit a ticket here for staff to look into the matter.




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