How do I control my Habbo?

So, you've joined Habbo, and now you need to know how to make your Habbo character do things while in game. Well, if so, you can read answers to the more common questions below!

How do I chat?

When you are in a room, type into the "Click here to chat" box at the bottom of the screen. Then press the return key (or 'enter') to speak. It's that simple!

How so I change my looks?

Changing your appearance is easy! When you are logged into Habbo Hotel you need to go to a room and click on your Habbo, a box will open, there  select "Change Looks". Here you can choose your new outfit. Different colours and outfits are available if you are a member of HC/VIP.

How do I walk, sit and lie down?

To walk around, click on the floor tile you want to move to and wait. Your Habbo will walk over to it. To sit or lay down, click on the floor tile underneath the seat or bed you want to sit or lie on.

How do I dance?

To dance, click on your Habbo and select "Dance" from the menu which appears.

How do I wave?

To wave, click on your Habbo and select "Wave" from the menu which appears.

How do I shout?

After typing your chat, press Shift and Enter at the same time on your keyboard.

How do I whisper?

To talk to another Habbo so that only that Habbo can hear you, click the Habbo you want to whisper to, then click 'Whisper' in the menu above their heads. Type your message in the chat box, then press <Enter> or <Return>.

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