All about the Habbo Exchange

At Habbo, we know that you will often want to trade items with other users, which is why we created Habbo Trading. But what if you want to give Habbo Credits to another user? Well The Habbo Exchange is where you can turn your Credits into special Credit furniture items, which you can then trade with other Habbos. The other Habbo will receive your Credit furni items in form of credits directly into their purse. If you've got questions about this feature, check out our answers below!

Where do I find the Habbo Exchange?

You can find the Habbo Exchange in the Habbo shop. You can access the shop when logged into Habbo through the button on the bottom of the window.

How do I turn my Credits into gold bars or Coins?

Go to the Habbo shop when signed into Habbo, and you can purchase the items there.

How much are the credit furniture items worth?

The Habbo Exchange furniture items have the following values:

  • Bronze Coin exchanges for (and is worth) 1 Credit and costs 2 Credits
  • Silver Coin exchanges for (and is worth) 5 Credits and costs 6 Credits
  • Gold Coin exchanges for (and is worth) 10 Creditsand costs 11 Credits
  • Money Bag exchanges for (and is worth) 20 Credits and costs 21Credits
  • Gold Bar exchanges for (and is worth) 50 Credits and costs 51 Credits.

How do I change back my credit furniture into Habbo Credits?

Place the item in your room and double-click it. Click "Redeem" to change it back into credits.

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