All about Rooms

If you have a question or problem regarding Guest Rooms, then you should read through these Frequently Asked Questions - they'll explain a lot about how Guest Rooms work!

How do I create a room?

Just click on the Hotel Navigator, select the "Me" tab and press the "Create Room" button! It's that simple. You just follow the instructions, selecting a name for your room and a floor plan! It doesn't cost you anything to create a Guest Room.

What rules apply in rooms?

The Habbo Way applies in all rooms in Habbo. You should treat the guest rooms like someone else's home.

How do I delete my room?

If you want to delete your room, enter your room and click on the Room Settings button on the left-hand side of the Habbo screen. At the bottom of the first screen that pops up, click "Delete this Room". Any furniture in your room will be returned to your inventory.

Why can't I pick up my wallpaper or floor?

Wallpaper and flooring are stuck down - so once you put them down, they can't be picked back up. You can put new wallpaper or floor down if you wish to change the look of your room.

How do I lock/password protect my room, or put a doorbell on it?

To change these settings, enter your room and click on the Room information button on the right-hand side of the Habbo screen. You'll see the options there.

How many rooms can I own?

You can own 100 rooms.

How can I change my home room?

You can change your Home room by clicking on the 'Room info' button-> 'Make home room'.

Advanced room search
We have improved the search results in the Rooms list (formerly known as the Navigator ;) so that you stand a better chance at finding the rooms you're looking for.

The most important change is that you can specify whether you want to search for an owner or a tag. You do this by using these codes:

owner:<insert name here>
tag:<insert tag here>

So let's say you were looking for rooms tagged with the word beach, you would write: tag:beach. And if you were looking for rooms by a specific owner, you'd just change tag for owner, and add the Habbo name instead of the tag.

If you were looking for a specific tag from a specific owner (say you wanted to see if I had made any music related rooms), you could use both, like this: owner:Puffin tag:music

You will also notice that the order in which the results for inactive (empty) rooms are sorted have changed to favor those that have the highest ratings.

All about Habbo Guest Room Rights

So, you've created you're Habbo Guest Room and you may have heard about something called "rights", or been asked by another Habbo to give rights to them. Well, rights are extremely important and here are some questions and answers which explain why!

What are rights?

Rights are what allow another Habbo to move furniture in your room, open hatches, kick other Habbos and delete what it says on your stickies.

You should ONLY give rights to Habbos you trust. Nasty Habbos trash your room, delete the writing on your stickies and kick all your friends, so be careful who you trust!

Our moderation team will not ban users for abusing rights you have given them, so please do not send a Call for Help for this reason.

How do I give rights?

Only the room owner can give out room rights. When your Habbo character is in one of your OWN rooms, you can click on other Habbos in that room and you will see a 'Give Rights' button appear under their name on the bottom right hand side of the Habbo window. If you click that button the Habbo will then have rights in your room. 

How do I remove rights?

You can remove rights in two different ways:

  • If you are in one of your OWN rooms you can click on any Habbo that has rights and under their name on the bottom right hand side of the screen you will see the 'remove rights' button, if you click on this it will remove their room rights.
  • To remove rights from EVERYONE or Habbos who are not in the room, go to your guest room. Click on the room icon on the sidebar, then click on room settings, then advanced settings. You can then click on the Habbo name you want to remove or remove all.

Please remember this will only show up if you have given someone rights - if no one has rights this option won't show up at all.




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