What are Habbo Pets?

Where can I buy pets?

You can only buy pets from the shop in Habbo.

How can I make my pet happy?

Play with your pet, feed it, keep it healthy, make sure it has enough sleep, show it attention, teach your furry friend commands and practice them daily. These are all ways to keep a pet happy. Mainly make sure it is fed, has water and is gets exercise. Pets are happy when there are Habbos in the room but they are most happy when they're with their owners.

How can I make my pet eat?

Just make sure the food is near your pet. If it won't eat, it means it's not hungry. You can check this by viewing it's well-being. It will eat when it's hungry as long as the food is nearby and it can get to it.
Food does not go off, just make sure your pet gets one portion of food a day or it'll go hungry.

What are the Commands I need to use to make my pet do things?

When you use a command you must use the pets name after. For example Sit Toadflax, Jump Flaxy, Heel Toad

These commands can only be used by the pet owner:

  • heel: Gets your pet to follow you
  • come here: Makes your pet come to you
  • beg: The pet will beg for a reward from you
  • go away: Your pet will move away from you
  • bad: Tells your pet off
  • sleep: Makes your pet go back to it's basket for a nap

Commands anyone can use are:

  • sit: Makes the pet sit down
  • lie down: Gets the pet to lie down
  • jump: Makes the pet jump up
  • speak: Gets the pet to bark/meow etc
  • good: Boosts pet's ego and makes them happy
  • play dead: Your pet will roll onto it's back and 'play dead' for a few minutes. 

Why won't it follow commands?

Are you saying its name? If your pet won't respond to commands, make sure you are shouting the command and saying its name after it.

Also make sure if your pet's name starts with a capital letter, you're spelling it like that. I.e. If its name is Pebbles, it won't respond to pebbles.

If that is correct it might just be hungry or very tired. You should buy it a place to sleep and you must feed it regularly. There's something for every pet and some, like goodies are suitable for all.

Why can't I trade my pet?

The pet would get confused if it constantly had new owners! This is a reason why.

Also, buying a pet is a commitment, you must be prepared to look after it long-term rather than just have it on a whim.

Habbo Hotel also wanted to cut down on scams. Just remember - you cannot trade pets. If someone says you can, they're scamming.

Will my pet get ill?

Your pet cannot get flu or any kind of virus. The only time it'll show signs of illness, is if you don't take care of it. If the pet is starving, it will get weak and sad and sleep all the time.

Will my pet die?

No, Habbo pets live forever!

If I have a boy pet and girl pet, will they make a little baby pet?

No, all pets in Habbo Hotel are neutered before they go on sale. We didn't want to load you with the responsibility of having to look after/feed lots of young. We also wanted to avoid the hotel being over-run with animals!

I accidentally spelled my pet's name wrong when I purchased it, can I change it?

No. You must remember to type the name correctly when you buy it. Check it over before you click to buy.

How many pets can I have in my room?

You can have up to 5 of your own pets in one room but you can own up to 50 pets.

Can my pets follow me?

Yes, you can place a pet in your room or take one for a walk with you in other rooms.

Can I trade my pets?

No you cannot trade your pets.

How often can I scratch my pet?

Three time in 24 hours.

I cannot scratch my pet. What's wrong?

Your avatar must be at least 14 days old to scratch your pet.

Can I scratch other users' pets or can other users scratch mine?

Yes, your pets can go to your friends rooms to gather Scratches and you can scratch other users' pets.

How can I get the Pet badges?

You can unlock badges and achievements by training and by scratching your pet.

I have a question about Horse.

You can refer to our FAQs on Horse.
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