Habbo Helpers reporting for duty!

What are official Habbo Helpers?

If  you have always wanted to play an even bigger role in the Habbo community, this is your chance.  As a  Habbo Helper you will lend other Habbos a hand by  instructing them on how to do things in and around the hotel or giving them a guided tour.

How do I become a Habbo Helper?

There is no selection process, anyone can be a Habbo Helper, but you have to be consistent and work hard at it. On your way to becoming a first class Habbo Helper there are quests to embark on, tasks to complete and badges to achieve. Start by checking your current Talent Progress on the landing page (the very first page that you see when you enter the hotel).  Here you´ll find out what it takes to move up the skills ladder to Habbo Helper stardom.

How do I help new Habbos?

You will receive a help request which you will want to accept  and then answer whatever question the new Habbo might have. New Habbos will also ask for a guided tour to get started in the hotel. So you can put your solid knowledge about all things Habbo to good use and show newbies around.

What is a Tour Guide?

A Tour Guide is a guide that shows Habbos that are new to the game around the coolest rooms and events the hotel has to offer.

What is a Tour?

You create the Tour- so make it a good one!  We´d love for you to help new Habbos live the Habbo experience to the full and to invite them to rooms with good atmosphere, friendly people and fun things to do. You´ll be the one to explain to them what Habbo is all about.

How do I make the Tour?

You can invite the new Habbo to rooms, just click the "invite user to my room" -button in the Help tool.
When your visit in a room is ending you can ask the Habbo to wait while you look for another room to show. After finding the next room, you can invite the Habbo to join you.
It´d be great if you could show at least 5-10 rooms that are different, have nice parties, events or games going on. Remember that for a real new Habbo, it takes a while to understand all the different games and acitivites that take place in the hotel, so you might need to explain a lot.  Patience is a virtue :o)!

What kind of rooms should I show?

Pick out rooms that are fun, the ones you enjoy visiting yourself. Remember to pick out rooms where it is easy to move around.

What do I  tell them about Habbo?

You know best, you know why you play Habbo  - so just share it! You also know how to behave and act when playing the game, so share that too. Newbies may have specific questions about outfits, credits, VIP etc. You´re the expert with all the answers.

What if I need help and want to contact a Habbo Helper?

Easy! All you need to do is click on the help button to the right of your screen. The Habbo Helper dialogue box will open up where you can choose your help option.

Can I still contact the moderation team if I have a problem a helper can´t help me with?

Of course you can. When you click on the help button, a dialogue box opens up. Right towards bottom of this box, you'll find the option for emergency calls to our moderation team.

Should I report a Habbo Helper if he/she is being unhelpful or mean?

No. If you´re not happy with the way your request was handled by the Helper, just rate them accordingly after the help session. Nevertheless, if the Helper did a good job answering your question, give them props by recommending them. It´s only fair!

What if I am trying to help a Habbo and he/she is being mean? Should I report this to the moderation team?

No. Just ignore them and move on. You should really only contact the moderation team in emergency situations.

So as Habbo Helper can I moderate and ban people just like the moderation team does?

No. Leave all that unpleasant stuff to the moderation team. We need you for the questions about games, rooms, mazes, and other acitivity only you know about!

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