Taking it to the next level with Habbo Guardians

You've heard the rumours about Habbo Guardians. If you really want to know what this program is all about, then look no further. We have all the answers to your questions right here.

What Are The Guardians?
Habbo Guardian is the new level on the Habbo Helpers Talent Track. As Guardians, Habbos will be able to help us moderate and keep safe the Habbo community, making it easier and faster to deal with bullying and other situations, while at the same time enabling our moderation team to focus on the most severe problem users. The Guardians lets Habbos create a safer, more positive and active community.

How Does It All Work?

Whenever a Habbo reports a misbehaving user by choosing the “bullying” category in the reporting tool, Guardians on duty will be notified. The bully report is then reviewed by 5 Guardians who then vote as to whether or not the Habbo in question is being rude or a bully. If the Guardians agree that the Habbo is being badly behaved the bullying Habbo is muted for 15 minutes and banned from the room. If the Guardians believe that the Habbo is doing worse than bullying, and is endangering other Habbos and more drastic action is required they can vote to forward the issue to our moderation team.

Who Can Become A Guardian?
The role of Guardian is open to all Habbos who have completed levels one to six in the Helper Talent Track. Once a Habbo has achieved Guardian or Novice Guardian rank, once they go on-duty as a Helper in the Hotel, they will be asked if they want to accept/ decline to look at the bully report. If they accept a report they can then vote on the issue. If they decline, then another Guardian will be chosen.

What are the options available to Guardians while reviewing bully reports?
There are three options available to Guardians while reviewing a report, not counting “doing nothing” which will lead to the report being timed out and sent to another group of Guardians to vote on.
OK- No problems here, Habbos are acting normally and no action taken. If a Habbo makes too many reports that are classed as OK they will be prevented from using the bully reporting tool for a short period of time.
Bad- For anti-social Habbos. A Habbo is being rude, nasty or disruptive to other Habbos. Fifteen minute mute and a room ban.
Severe- This report should have been a call for help to our moderation team. A Habbo is asking other Habbos about webcam, using strong sexual language or threats, or threatening a Habbo in real life. Issues marked severe are sent to moderators who will then decide on the correct course of action.

Can you tell us more about how the voting works? What if the Guardians cannot decide how to vote on a bully report?
If the Guardians cannot agree with what action should be taken, or take too long to decide, then the report is sent on to our moderation team to take a look.

Who/ how are Guardians selected for a specific bully report?
The Guardians chosen to look into a specific report are random, being selected from the Habbo Guardians that are currently on duty. Guardians cannot be picked for cases that have/ are occurring in the room they are currently in.

What if I don’t want to be a Guardian?
If you don’t want to be a Habbo Guardian then don’t pick up bully reports or go on duty after you have signed into the Hotel. However, this also means you won’t be able to progress further in the Helper Talent Track.

Will Guardians be able to read chat logs?
The Bully report the Guardians see will be a chat log, but the usernames of the Habbos involved will be censored, and the room name will not be displayed, so the Guardians will not know whose report they are reviewing, or what room it is taking place in.

What if there are no Guardians online?
The report will be automatically sent to our moderation team if no Guardians pick it up.

Can I complain about/ report a Guardian if I don’t agree with their decision?
No. If the majority of Guardians don’t find the reported Habbo to be bullying or harassing you, then you’ll just have to ignore the other Habbo.

Will you be checking up on the Guardians? Reviewing cases to make sure some Guardians aren’t doing it wrong?
We will monitor the Guardians for suspicious activities and if we find Guardians abusing their powers, then these Guardians will be suspended from the Guardian program for a short time.


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