Get your Habbo Citizenship now!

We've recently launched the Citizen Talent Track in order to get you right in the middle of the action in Habbo and show you cool things to do around the hotel. Here are the answers to the most-asked questions about Habbo Citizenship.

What is the Citizen Talent Track?

On the Citizen Talent track you get to know all the ins and outs of the hotel by completing achievements and earning badges until you have become a fully-fledged Habbo Citizen.

Where do I check my progress?

As you enter the hotel, you will find the Habbo Citizenship dialog box to the right of your screen, directly beneath the help button. Click on the Check My Progress link and this will take you to the track where you can view all your achievements.

What sort of achievements are there to do? Are they hard?

No. It's all about getting to know the hotel better and having fun as you go along. Take a tour, make friends, spend time playing games and you're halfway there.

Is trading an achievement now?

Yes. You need to progress along the Citizen Talent Track in order to enable trading.

Is the Citizen track only for new habbos?

No. Habbo Citizenship is for all habbos, old and new. And we've made it worth your while: at the finish line of the Citizen Track awaits a cool Habbo Citizenship badge!




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