Baby Pets

Baby Pets can be obtained by breeding two adult pets of the same type (for example two bears).


How does breeding work?

You will need a special breeding nest furni and place it to a room. This furni will have one tile that the pets can occupy.

Pets with the 'Breed' functionality enabled will have a new menu item 'breed' present. If the menu item is clicked, the pet will locate a suitable breeding nest with in the room and walk there.

When the nest has two correct pets on it, the owner of the nest is shown a breeding confirmation dialog.


If my friend and I want to breed our pets, who will receive the baby pet?

While there's a breeding nest in a room, anyone can command his pet to the nest. One of the pets though has to be owned by the user that owns the breeding nest. If someone else has its pet in the breeding nest already only the owner of the nest can then command its pet to breed.

Owner of the breeding nest is the one that gets the baby pet.


How many baby pets can my adult pet have?

Adult pets can have as many new baby pets as you want only if you get a new breeding nest for each new baby pet you wish and if you ensure that your adult pets have so much energy as breeding requires.


Can I use my dog and my cat to share the same breeding nest?

One breeding nest can only be used to breed pets of a certain type.


I have troubles to get my pet to breed. Why?

  • No nest found in room. Display button to open the catalog.
  • Pet too hungry to breed (do note that breeding consumes a lot of energy. Using the same pet for breeding repeatedly will require the pet to be fed a lot).


Does my baby pet grow up to become an adult pet?

Nope, they stay babies forever.


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