Duckets FAQ

What are the Duckets?

Ducket is a free virtual currency that you can earn daily just by playing Habbo

How do I get them?

  • You get Duckets every time you visit Habbo. The more active you are, the more you’ll earn
  • You get some for each completed achievement in the Citizenship track
  • Any other surprise we might come up with!

What can I do with Duckets?

You can do lots of things with Duckets

  • You can rent furniture
  • You can buy a cat, pet accessories and pet food
  • You can get avatar effects
  • Promote your events
  • Whatever fun stuff we come up with!

How do I use Duckets?

Easy, you just need to go to the Shop and then click on Duckets Rentables. Once you open this category you will see the different furnis you can rent or the effects that you can get.

How many Duckets do I get the first time I login?

We currently have the minimum set to 15.

Is there a limit of Duckets I can get per day?

The amount you get each day is based on how active you are, but it could be as much as 100.

Is there a total limit of Duckets I can have in my account?

There’s a limit of 1300 Duckets (650 for non- HC habbos) you can have in your account. To free up space for more Duckets, simply spend the ones you have.

Do the Duckets expire?

Duckets don't expire, but the items you rent do. They default to 7 day rental and the timer starts when item is placed in a room.

So what if I leave the rented furni in my inventory. Will it expire after 7 days also?

You can store it in your inventory and it will be there waiting for you. Once you place it in the room, the timer starts and you'll have 7 days until it expires.

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