Group Forums

What are Group Forums?
Every Group can have one Forum attached to it that can be seen in the Group profile. In a Forum Habbos can start threads and write messages in existing threads.

How do Forums work?
The owner of the Group can make their Group discussion Forum visible to everyone or just to Group members.

The Group owner can also decide who can create and edit new threads: everyone, Group members only, or administrators. 

I want a Forum in my Habbo Group, how can I get it?
In order to enable a Forum in your Habbo Group, you need a Forum Terminal Furni that can be bought from "Groups" section in the catalogue.

What is the Forum Terminal?
The Forum Terminal is the Furni that you buy and put in your room to enable the Forum. If you double-click it, it will open up the Forum as a pop up window.

How many Forum Terminals can I have per Group?

You can only have one Forum Terminal per room.

If you buy multiple Forum Terminals for the same Group, you will need to put them to different rooms. All those Terminals will open the same Forum.

How many Forums can I have per Group?
You can have only one Forum per Group. If your Group has more than one room, you can place one Forum Terminal per Group so everybody can access the Forum from any room.

Why can’t I post on Group Forums?
You won´t be able to post on Forums if:
-       You are not a Habbo Citizen. Only Citizens are able to post.  

-       You have been muted. If you are muted by a moderator you need to wait until the mute is over to post on Group Forums.

-       You are not a Group member or administrator. Group owners decide who can post so it might happen that only Group members and administrators can post.

Who can read/post on Group Forums?
Group owners decide who can read and post:

-      Everybody

-      Only Group members

-      Only Group administrators

How are Forums moderated?
In Forums Group owners are in charge. Group owners and admins will help keep the Habbo Community a safe and fun place for all by actively moderating it. Group owners can change room settings to enable Group admins to hide/restore individual messages as well as whole threads.

Also if you are a Habbo Citizen and you find a serious issue in a Forum you can report threads/messages to moderators by using the little exclamation mark icon.


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