All about Room Settings Tool

In order to make the Navigator more user-friendly, we are making some changes in the Room Settings tool. The users can now set the trade settings using a new drop-down menu called “Trade Settings”.


What is the Trade Setting drop-down menu there for?

From now on, you don’t have to choose the room category “Trade” to enable the trading in your room. No matter what room category, by choosing “Everyone can trade” or “Only room owner can trade” in the trade settings, you allow trading in your room.


I don’t want people to be trading in my room. How can I make sure they don't?

You can block the trading in your rooms by choosing the trading option “Trading not allowed”. This is also the default option in your room settings, this meaning meaning you need to reset the option to “Everyone can trade” or “Only room owner can trade” in case you want to enable the trading.

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