Room Navigator!


What is the aim of the Habbo Navigator?

This revamp aims to make searching and promoting rooms a much more enjoyable experience, whilst also offering improvements on some existing functionalities like searching, tagging and overall look.


I see four tabs in the Navigator – what are those for?

Public: This will show a list of public rooms (i.e Welcome Lounge, ClubNX, etc.), Staff-picked rooms, room bundles and the latest game/quest rooms.

All Rooms: In this tab, you will see a list of various rooms and the categories they fall under. NOTEIf you are searching up a particular room, keyword tag, a certain group or a room owner, you must click the "All Rooms" tab first and search up the keyword. Use the dropdown menu to narrow down your search.

Events: This tab shows a list of various rooms that have promoted events and the categories they fall under.

My World: Here, you will find your rooms, groups you are currently in, favorite rooms, rooms where you have rights and your room history.


I see icons in the Navigator, what are they there for?


Tile and List formats: Lets you pick how you want to see the rooms: in a tile or list format.


Plus and Minus Signs: Shows or hides the room category.


Blue Square and White Square: Expands the room list fully / Makes the list compact for you.


What does that little yellow thunderbolt icon do?


With the yellow thunderbolt icon you can save your searches and categories. This icon shows up on each room category and text search banners. NOTE: Your saved searches will show up on the left side of the navigator. This allows easier access to rooms and categories that are often used. Clicking the Thunderbolt icon on the far left corner will hide and show your saved searches.


Why new room categories?

During the years we’ve accumulated a huge amount of room categories that are no longer up-to-date or in use. This is why we wanted to freshen up the categories at once.


What are the new room categories?

We brought new room categories which are:

Party – 24 hour party people right here!

Habbo Games – For fun and entertainment.

Habbo Life – All the cool stuff you can do in Habbo to be found here!

Help Centers – Give a helping hand to a Habbo in trouble.

Personal Space – Private rooms, only for a very restricted guest list.

Build&Decorate – The most amazing creations, here you go!

Trading – Keep the furnis moving!


Why is it now obligatory to choose a category for my room?

We wanted to make searching and promoting rooms easier by making the category system to work the same way for all the users. You can still hide your room if you don’t want it to be visible for the others in the navigator.


Promote your room by organizing an event!

The rooms can now be promoted by organizing an event. You can describe your event by selecting a category for the other Habbos to be able to find it! The maximum length of an event is now one week. Please note that the event will not appear in the Navigator if the event room is empty. So keep your event alive by actively hosting it.


Room thumbnails for private rooms – how do those work?

One more thing! Just like in the public rooms, now also your own rooms can have an icon in the Navigator. Use the Navigator Camera, available in your room settings, to capture a thumbnail and make your room shine in the Navigator! Note: the Navigator Camera is a different feature than the Habbo Camera.



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