Habbo Camera

How does the camera work?

The camera icon is to be found on the bottom left corner of your client screen. By clicking the icon you’ll get your camera ready for taking photos. Photo taking is easy, just press the red button! The photos taken (max. 5) are saved in the menu below the camera. You can also replace the saved photos with the ones you like the best. Just bear in mind that the saved photos are not everlasting but disappear when reloading the client. The only way to keep the photos to yourself is converting them into wall-item furnis.


Does the camera work in Habbo IOS and Android Apps?

Yes, it can be found from the toolbar but the new features such as zoom and filters are not available yet. We’re working really hard to get more of these delicious camera features to work on your Habbo App too!


Is the camera function available for all the users?

Yes it is, everyone can try taking photos! Taking photos is free and at the reach of all the users, while converting them into wall-item furnis costs 2 credits per photo. Posting it on your profile page and photo web is only 10 duckets. 


How do I remove a photo from photo web or my profile page?

Go to your profile page (on the Habbo homepage, click on the triangle next to your avatar image). Find the photo you no longer want in your profile and hit "Delete". This will remove the photo from your profile page and from the photo web page. The photo will stay in your camera. 


Are the photos being moderated?

Yes. Inappropriate photos can be reported to our moderation team by clicking the red flag icon on the upper right corner of the photo item. The team can remove the photos not respecting the Habbo Way in which case the price won’t be refunded. However, each case reported is studied before  action is taken.


What about the safety issues? Is it possible to add content outside of the hotel?

No it is not. This version of the camera does not allow any other content than pictures taken inside of the hotel. Scripting or other harmful activity is not supported in this version.


I took a picture of a load of Habbo Camera photos, but the photo doesn’t appear properly on habbo.com. Why?

Your photo doesn’t appear precisely because you’ve taken a picture of a load of other photos - the Habbo Camera can’t handle it!               

Can the photos be traded?

Yes. Once you purchase a photo item, you can trade it with other users as a normal furni.


Are the pictures made with the old Habbo camera now being re-enabled?

No, unfortunately the photos taken with the old Habbo camera remain invisible but are to be replaced with plenty of new and cooler ones!


Why isn’t the chat bubbles visible in the photos?

Have you ever seen a talking photo in real life? Well, we neither… ;)


Why can I only use a part of the filters/effects while the rest of them is locked?

The filters/effects are tied to the camera achievement levels. By achieving more levels, more cool and totally unique filters and effects go unlocked for you!


How do the camera achievements work? When do I get to the next level?

The 10 camera achievement levels are related to the photo purchases as follows:

Level 1 – 1 purchased photo

Level 2 – 5 purchased photos

Level 3 – 15 purchased photos

Level 4 – 30 purchased photos

Level 5 – 50 purchased photos

Level 6 – 100 purchased photos

Level 7 – 200 purchased photos

Level 8 – 400 purchased photos

Level 9 – 800 purchased photos

Level 10 – 1600 purchased photos

Are YOU going to be the first habbo in the hotel hitting the level 10? Snap snap!

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