What Are Habbo Achievements and Respect?


Achievements are tasks that you can do and earn badges in Habbo. There are many different kinds of achievements available, and new ones are added every now and then so we do not provide a list - but they're very easy to get and there is no limit as to how many you can collect! You can find some common questions about achievements below.

How will I get my badges?

You will receive your badge when you complete an achievement. Badges will show up in your badges window in the Hotel. Just click on your badge on the hotel or the "Badges" button.

How do I know how to complete an Achievement?

If you scroll through the Achievements section of your inventory, the descriptions should tell you how to earn that achievement.

I can't see my badge/achievement. Can a staff member give the badge to me?

The badges are given out automatically. Habbo staff can not give out the achievement badges.

I disconnected during a a visit, what can I do?

If you were playing games and tried to reach an achievement level, then you have lost your progress. We cannot give you badges manually so you will have to try again to receive the next level badge.

I encountered a technical problem or Habbo went down for maintenance. What can I do?

If the site went down during your session, you might have lost some progress on your achievement, for example games played / session. We cannot give you badges manually, so you have to try again.

What is a Respect Achievement?

There are two Respect Achievements. One is accomplished by giving respect to other habbos, the other by getting respect from other Habbos.

I don't see the Respect button anywhere. Why is that?

There are two options. Your Habbo may be too young to give respect. Your Habbo has to be at least 14 days old to give respect. Alternatively you may have reached the three Respects per day limit. Try to give more respect tomorrow.  

Where can I see my Respect?

You can see your Respect in your Info stand, if you choose to show off your Respect badge.

How do I give Respect?

Click on the Habbo you want to respect. In the lower right, under their picture, click on "Give Respect" button. This also shows how many respects you have left to give.

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