What is Battle Banzai?

What is Battle Banzai?

Battle Banzai is a spectacular game that users can build themselves. The aim of a Battle Banzai game is to fill the largest amount of square tiles with the color of your team in a limited period of time (from 30 seconds to 10 minutes). If you bounce over a square three times, it gets locked and no other teams can steal the tile. If you have completely locked a square or rectangular field, without obstacles, the entire field will fill up. The team with most points wins!

How can you make a Battle Banzai Game?

To create a Battle Banzai Arena:

1. Go to your room

2. Place Banzai tiles on the floor and barriers all around to limit the playground.

3. Add a Team portal from each side for each team. There are four of them: blue, pink, yellow and green.

4. Place the timer and the scoreboards on the playground.

5. Add several obstacles and trigger items (pyramids, teleports, pucks, anything you like really…)

6. When ready, ask your friends to join and take place. There is a limit of 5 players for each team.

7. Click on the timer to launch the game.

How can I play a Battle Banzai Game? 

To play Battle Banzai

1. Go to a BB Arena. You can find several of them in the gaming floor in the Navigator

2. Choose your team: pass through a team portal > you’re then onboard of a blue, pink, yellow or green capsule – depending on the portal you chose. There is a limit of 5 players for each team.

3. When the roomowner starts the game, bounce on the playground to fill the more of tiles with the color of your team.

4. « To block » a square tile you need to bounce 3 times on it. If you don’t, players from other teams can steal it from you!

5. You can push pucks to fill more tiles in one go but beware of obstacles, random teleports and moving pyramids!

6. When time is out, the team with largest amount of tiles filled wins the game.

Does it cost Credits to play Battle Banzai?

You make an Arena using the furni you can buy for Credits in the shop. To play the game is absolutely free. Just find an arena that any user has made, choose a team and wait for the room owner to start the game. Banzai-away!

What is different from the old Battle Ball?

You are now in control. You can make your own maps, own games, set your own rules. You've got the power!

What do I win from playing the game?

There are three Achievements that are tied to Battle Banzai. One for locking tiles during games, one for having players play in your Banzai Arena's and one for winning games with your team. Do better on these three feats and you can score up to sixty different Achievement ranks!

The gate isn't giving me a Bouncer. Why?

There is a limit of five players for each team, so if one colour has five players already, you can't play with that colour.

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