How do I use the Habbo Shop?

What is the furniture shop?

The shop displays all the different items of furni available for you to buy in Habbo. It is divided up into different sections to make it easy to navigate. You must be logged in to access the shop.


How do I use the furniture shop?

While you are logged onto Habbo, go to any guest room and click on the furniture shop icon, this can be found on the left hand side of your Habbo window.


How do I buy furniture from the shop?

To buy furniture in Habbo, you need Habbo Credits. You can find out everything you need to know about credits by clicking HERE

If you already have Credits and want to buy an item from the shop, you should open the shop, click on the item you want and click 'BUY'. Then you must confirm the purchase by clicking 'OK'. If you have enough Credits in your Habbo Purse the item will then appear in your hand.


How do I get furniture that is not in the shop?

Furni that isn't in the shop is classed as rare furniture, you can find out more about collectable furni by reading the collectables section of the FAQ pages.


What is the Web shop and where do I find it?

When on your Home or Group page, click on the Edit button and then click on Inventory or Web Store. This will open the Web shop where you can see the stickers and backgrounds you currently own (that are not already in use on your pages) as well as all of the stickers and backgrounds currently for sale. You must be logged in to the site in order to access the Web shop.

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