What is the Furni-Matic?

How the Furni-Matic works?

You insert eight pieces of recyclable furni in the recycler and in return you get a random prize.

How do I get the prize?

The prize is delivered in an Mystery Gift Box . You don't know which prize you have until you open the box.

Are all the prizes of equal value?

The prizes do not have a face value. Instead they are divided into three levels of prevalence. Level one being the most common and level three the most extraordinary.

How is it determined which level prize I get?

The Furni-Matic picks up prizes according to  probabilities. The most common prizes are given out most often and rarer the prize, smaller are the odds to get it.

What are the odds for each level?

  •  Level 1 - Common: 1:1
  • Level 2 - Uncommon: 1:10
  • Level 3 - Arcane: 1:25

Can I get rid of the mystery box (and the prize inside in it), if I don't want to open it?

Yes you can. You can trade the mystery box but you cannot recycle it. Please remember that if you trade the mystery box, you may never know what was inside it.

Can I get rid of the prize if I don't like it?

Yes you can. You can trade and recycle the prizes.

If I don't open the mystery box right away, can I see later when did I get it?

Yes you can. The recycling date is marked on the gift card of the mystery box. You can see it by double clicking the mystery box.

Can I use the Furni-Matic as often as I want?

Almost. You can recycle once in every five minutes.

I was in a middle of recycling when the site was taken down for maintenance. What happened to my furni I was about to recycle?

Don't worry. Those pieces of furni were automatically returned to your inventory.

Why can't I recycle my furni?

Some furni types cannot be recycled and the furni needs to be owned for at least 1 hour before it can be recycled.

New prizes to achieve.

For the arcane level you can get some really rare furni, like the Holo Dragon. Check it out!

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