What is Ice Tag?

What is Ice Tag?

Ice Tag is a very simple game where you play 'tag' on the new Ice Skating Patches. The object of the game is to avoid being 'tagged' by the Habbo that is currently glowing. If you are tagged,  you will glow and you'll have to tag somebody else. You can tag someone by clicking on a Habbo that you are standing next to. You start a game of Ice Tag by placing a Tag pole in a room that has Ice Skating Patches in it. You can only play the game on the Ice Skating Patches.

How do I tag someone?

You can tag someone by clicking on a Habbo that is standing next to you. You can only play Tag on an Ice Skating Patch.

How do I start a game of Ice Tag?

You'll need the Tag pole and a couple of Ice Skating Patches to start a game. Place the pole in a room with Ice Skating Patches in it and the first Habbo that entered the room will start to glow and the game will start.

Is it possible to have more than one Habbo tagged?

Yes, by placing more Tag poles, more Habbo's will glow.

How do you stop the game?

By picking up all Tag poles.

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