Where are the old Habbo Photos?

We had to disable the ability to take photos in Habbo, because the way cameras work in Habbo make them vulnerable to scripting, and possibly to harmful activities in Habbo.

We want Habbo to be as safe as possible to use, and this vulnerability in the camera function doesn't fit into that equation. We're sorry about this, and hope you understand.

Unfortunately, since the camera functionality has been removed since November 2009, we no longer compensate Habbos who have owned cameras after a certain number of weeks. The criteria that was selected at that time was so that active Habbo accounts receive compensation. Unfortunately, due to the huge number of Habbo accounts created every day, we are unable to extend compensation to every single Habbo account.

The 2009 camera furni can still be seen in Habbo, but is no longer sold. You can no longer see photos made from this time on the wall.

A new camera was introduced in 2015.  You can learn more about it here.

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