Monster Plants - Get gardening and composting!!


 What are Monster Plants?

Monster plants are living creatures which you can grow in your room. They need to be taken care of or they´ll die. Growing a plant can be done totally free, but it takes considerable amount of time.

How can I plant them?

You can only plant them if you have seeds. You´ll have to plant them to find out about their scarifying properties. Please remember that once you have planted the seeds, they will be automatically removed from your inventory, since now they have turned into a Monster Plant! If you now pick up your new Monster Plant, it will go to your inventory, where your pets are.

How can I get seeds?

You can purchase seeds from the Catalogue.


Are all the plants the same? How will I know what kind of seed I will have?

No, the plants are different and this is why they are so much fun. You´ll only know what kind of seed you have in hand once you´ve planted it. The plants vary in 1) form, 2) color, 3) mouth, 4) nose and 5) eyes. Be aware that mutation might happen while your plant is growing.

What do I need to do once I plant the seeds? Why are these Monster Plants such a big deal?

You won´t know what kind of Monster plant you are planting, until you actually do. They are all different, one of a kind, just like your Habbo. When plants are mature they start to produce fruits and they can be used to create a new generation of plants. Besides, Monster Plants have a heart too and they feel really sad if they are not nurtured. So, you will need to comfort them, give them love and tenderness.

Can I trade or negotiate the plants?

No, the plants can not be traded, but you can sell or trade  your Seeds before they are planted.


Can I recycle my plants in the Furni-Matic?

You cannot recycle your plants in the Furni-Matic. BUT if you have a dead plant (or several!) and you don't know what to do with it,  just place it  in one of your rooms, click on it, and from the dropdown menu of your dead plant, select the option "compost". Your plant will have turned into a "recycable" furni which now you can place into the Furni-Matic in order to receive  a brand new Mystery Box !




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