The Incredible Bot!

How much does a Bot cost?

A Bot will cost 25 Credits.


Where can I get one?

Bots are available in the Shop, currently in their own section of the Habbo Stars folder!


When I buy a Bot, is it mine forever?

Yup, it sure is! There is no expiration date on the Bots.


How do I change a Bot's clothes?

First: dress yourself in the clothes you'd like your Bot to wear. Second: click your Bot and select 'Copy my looks' to transfer your clothes to the Bot.


If I'm VIP, does my Bot get VIP clothes?

Yes, if you've got VIP clothing on, your Bot will mimic it!


Will the Bot also change hair and facial features, or just clothes?

It will change everything. If you're a girl, your Bot will change into one, too.


How do I program my Bot to speak?

Click your Bot and choose "Setup Chatter," then add the lines you would like your Bot to say. To distinguish between the speech lines, you can use a punctuation mark, such as a period, exclamation or question mark, or you can simply hit the Return key.


If you set your Bot to automatic chat, you can choose for it to say a combination of lines you input, at an interval of your choosing (there has to be a minimum of 7 seconds between each line).


Another option is to turn the automatic chat off, and have your Bot respond with a line whenever someone speaks to it. (In this case the bot will not respond to two chats quicker than the chat delay value – minimum 4 seconds)


Your bot is smart and can rearrange your sentences to make new ones - you can encourage this by using the same combination of two words in a number of the lines you input (hint: the more sentences you create with this two-word combination the more random phrases you'll get - give it a try!)


Once you've set it all up, hit save and you're done!




Is there a limit to how much my Bot can say?

There is maximum of 1024 characters in total.


Can my Bot give out hand items?

No, unfortunately not.

How can I make my Bot dance? How do I make it stop?

Simply click your Bot and choose "Dance," same thing for when you want it to stop!

How does the Waiter/Serving Bot work?

As well as all the great features of the normal bot, you can get the waiter/serving bot to serve your guests. Simply say the name of the drink you want and your bot will deliver. (Pleaee note: the bot is currently configured for the following drinks: juice, milk, latter, water, regular coffee, decaff coffee and tea.) 

What does "Relax" mean?

If you click your Bot and hit the "Relax" option, your Bot will simply wander around your room a bit and chill out!

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