Rentable Spaces

What are they?

They are spaces that you can rent in a room. At the moment you can only have a rentable space in the Public owned Staff rooms.

Can anyone have a rentable space?

Any Habbo with an active Habbo Club membership.

Can I place furni from other Habbos in my rentable space?

You can only place your own furni if the space has been rented by you.

Duration and cost

Spaces start at 15 credits. All spaces have a duration of one week.

What will happen to my furni when the rentable space expires?

At the end of the 7 day period, all furni you placed on the rentable space will go back to your inventory.

Can I place any type of furni in my rentable space?

You cannot place certain furni on these spaces. So far,  you cannot place on the rentable space the following items: rollers, the Stack Magic Tile, wired furni, sound furni and background furni. We will keep you updated if there are another furni you cannot place on your rentable space!
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