Habbo Couture - Sellable clothing!

Excited about trying out the new Habbo Couture clothing items? Here's how it works.


What is Habbo Couture?

The new Habbo Couture tradeable clothing and accessories range is designed for you to express yourself to the extreme with stylish tops, jeans, accessories and hairstyles. In contrast to the classic clothing items Habbo Couture clothing is purchased in the catalog as furniture-items and may be traded with other users until the clothing is taken in use.


How can I take the Habbo Couture clothing in use?

First you have to find the piece of couture in your general furni inventory and then place it in your room. Then just click on “Use” and “Take clothing in use” and you’ll be able to find the clothing in your avatar editor. After taking your Habbo Couture in use you won’t be able to use is as a furni anymore, so placing it in your room or trading it won't work. What you will have instead is a permanent piece of Habbo Couture design in your avatar editor!


I took my Habbo Couture in use but cannot find it now – where can it be?

Once you have taken your piece of Habbo Couture into use, you’ll have it as part of your avatar editor collection. The pieces of Habbo Couture clothing are to be found in their corresponding section, i.e. the top part in the shirt tab, the bottom parts in the trouser tabs and so one. There can be some outfits, such as the Meow-suit, that are to be found in several sections: hood, shirt, trousers and paws all in their corresponding section.


How can I change the colors of my Habbo Couture clothing?

Once you have taken your piece of Habbo Couture into use, you’ll have it as part of your avatar editor collection and you can change the colors as with any other clothing.


Can I trade the Habbo Couture clothing after having placed it in my room?

Yes, as long as you haven’t taken the clothing in use, i.e. the clothing hasn’t been bound. Until binding the clothing you can use it as a normal furniture: place in the room, pick it up and trade it with others.    


Why am I not able to wear my Habbo Couture outfits on the iPad?

Unfortunately there are still a few bugs to iron out in the iPad version of Habbo, but you should be able to show off your Habbo Couture style on iPad soon with the roll out of the new app version.


Is Habbo Couture clothing for HC members only?

No, Habbo Couture is for every one! Right after implementing the new clothing into the hotel, we have had issues related to some of the clothing being available only for HC members but these are to be fixed as soon as possible.

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