General Competition Rules

The competitions are organized by Sulake Corporation Oy.

The exact time frame of each competition is communicated in the relevant  news article.

Only one entry per user is permitted for each competition.

Competition submissions cannot contain material violating Habbo Terms of Service nor content violating copyright.

By participating in a competition users agree to their avatar’s name and entry being published in Habbo and other related locations and that their submissions can be used as research material. Users’ personal information will not be published nor used for marketing purposes. Sulake Staff will choose the winners among the submissions.

The winners are published in a news article within seven days after the competition has finished. In some cases the winners can be informed by email using the email address with which the avatar is registered.

Sulake Corporation Oy is not held responsible for cases where the submissions are not received due to technical problems or if the submission itself, or receiving or using the corresponding prize, generates problems. Sulake Corporation Oy reserves the right to change the general competition rules.


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