1. The Competition is run by Habbo Hotel, Sulake Corporation Oy (“Sulake”).
  2. The idea of the Competition is to create, upload and send us the link to an Habbo video made by you. In the video you should be recreating one of your favorite movie scenes or your favorite music video in Habbo style, with a maximum duration of 30 seconds and following the rules as specified here [LINK TO THE AZURE ARTICLE]
  3. The Competition starts on 27.7.2015 8am BST. The last moment to participate is on 2.8.2015 11:30 am GMT.
  4. We accept only one entry per person, therefore all entries identified as clones will be removed together with the original main avatar entry.
  5. We will consider only valid entries for both our competitions and the physical prize selection.
  6. An entry is valid if: you accepted these Terms & Conditions, you send an image relevant to the competition in the form of a link and you correctly fill the participation poll in all its parts.
  7. All valid entries will be taken into account as participants to the GLOBAL HABBO 15th ANNIVERSARY COMPETITION [LINK TO THE T&C]. Participating in more than one competition will give you better chances.
  8. The competition is judged by a Habbo Staff judge panel who shall choose the winner.
  9. The winner is informed by a by email. Please note that there is no possibility to correspond to the inquiries regarding the prizes or the results of a competition. No prizes will be awarded as a result of improper actions by or on behalf of any competitor.

The prizes are:

  • 1 Top Winner:
    • A statue of the winner’s avatar displayed in the “Hall of Habbo” public room
    • A statue of the winner’s avatar to the winner’s inventory
    • A special Furni delivered to the winner’s inventory
    • A Habbo T-shirt mailed to the winner’s address*
    • A badge


    • 2 Finalists:
      • A custom Furni displayed in the “Hall of Habbo” public room
      • A custom Furni delivered to the winner’s inventory
      • A badge


      • Accepted Entries:
        • A badge

 10. *This a non-virtual (=physical) prize and it will be sent by mail. Before being sent, we will email the winner to request his or her address where the prize can be delivered. The address shall not be used for any other purpose. If you do not reply to our email within (7) days of send date with your address or if you send an incomplete address, this prize will not be delivered.
11. The virtual prize shall be awarded to the winner’s Habbo user name within 14 days after the last moment to participate detailed in Clause 3 of these rules. The winner cannot require Sulake to provide him money in the prize’s stead.
12. Please note that participation in the Competition does not require that you pay fees or any other consideration to us. If you are under 13, you are not permitted on the Hotel, and as such, cannot claim the prize.


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