Habbo for Android

Habbo on your Android! Now you can take Habbo with you everywhere you go :) Not all the features are fully supported yet as this is still work in progress, but you can still explore Habbo, build your own rooms and meet new friends.

How do I login?
Make sure you choose the correct hotel you would like to login to, like Habbo.com. You can log in using the same Habbo account that you have for the browser version. You can also login via Facebook. Note! If you have safety lock on it is not possible to add your mobile device there yet but we are fixing that. Your account is still safe as safety lock is enabled.

If you do not have an account yet then you can register by clicking “I don't have an account”. Please note that you have to be 13 years old or older  to use Habbo.

Access Problems
Make sure you have a good internet connection. If you are experimenting crashing and freezing problems – try restarting the Habbo app:

–        Double click the Home button on your device

–        Swipe right to left with your finger to scroll through the apps

–        Swipe your finger upwards to close the app

You can also close all other apps that you have open to free up memory. If you are still having issues then you should restart the device by pressing and holding the sleep/wake button.

Habbo for Android requirements: OS version 4.2+, OpenGL2+, other high resolution device.

How can I check my OS version?
Follow a few simple steps you will know exactly what your device is running – easy as pie!

1- Open your devices settings

2- Scroll to about phone

3- Look for line which says "Android Version"

How can I check my Android Phone updates?
Android phones get consistently upgraded by Google. Not every phone gets the new updates when they come out, but if your phone is newer, chances are any updates that get released will eventually make their way to your device.

1-    Open the Settings menu on your device. You can open this through the Settings app on your Home Screen or in your App Drawer, or by pressing your device's Menu button and selecting Settings.

It is recommended that you connect your phone to a wireless network when updating, as update files can be quite large and put a big dent in your mobile data.

2-    Scroll down to "About...". It may say "About phone" or "About device". This is usually located at the bottom of your Settings menu. Tap it to open it.

3-   Tap the "Update..." option. It may be labeled "Software update" or "System updates".
This is typically located at the top of the "About phone" menu.

If you don't have a "System updates" option, your phone does not support updating over the air. You will need to visit the support page for your phone and download any updates directly from the manufacturer. This is only an issue for older Android phones.

How can I buy Habbo Credits and Habbo Club?
Open the Shop and you can see toolbar containing your Credits, Diamonds, Duckets , HC and Builders club status. Click on that and purchases will open. Remember to ask the bill-payers permission first!

How to trade?
Once you have the trading pass, click the user you wish to trade with. Open Trade from Actions drop-down menu and the trading window will open.

What can I do in the tablet version and what is still missing?
Our developers are working hard to give you a full experiment in Habbo. At the moment you can do a lot of the same stuff as in the browser version for example: build rooms, join groups, train pets, create with Builders Club, buy from Marketplace and change your looks. You can make new friends and chat on the messenger. You can find a more detailed feature list here .

I have an Android device suitable for Habbo but cannot download the app. What can I do?
Please contact our Customer Service at help.habbo.com specifying the device you have and the Android version you are running. We are trying our best to increase the number of supported devices.

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