How to use alt codes in Habbo

Alt Codes are a chat function on Habbo to create other letters and symbols in chat. There are many alt codes, which most people use these in their Mottos and Room names to make them look more attractive. Alt codes work when 'Num Lock' is on (laptop) or by using the number pad (on most computers, and even some laptop keyboards).

To use these alt codes, you must make sure your 'Num Lock' is on, then hold down the 'Alt' key and type the corresponding numbers on the number pad. There's a handy list here of all the most popular ones! Be aware, these are only some.

ALT+124 or shift+\ = White heart

ALT+157 = White star

ALT+159 = Black Heart

ALT+161 = Single music note

ALT+0151 = Double music notes

ALT+422 = Skull

ALT+167 = Lighting bolt

ALT+230 = Coffee cup

ALT+753 = Mobile/cell phone

ALT+246 = Thumbs down

ALT+775 = Thumbs up

ALT+248 = ° symbol

ALT+168 = ¡ symbol

ALT+173 = ¿ symbol

ALT+271 = Euro sign

ALT+276 = Light Bulb

ALT+0153 = ™ symbol

ALT+0245 = Spade symbol

ALT+0135 = "No Entry" sign

ALT+0169 = © Symbol

ALT+0174 = ® Symbol

ALT+0145 = Black Padlock

ALT+0204 = White Padlock

ALT+0169 = Copyright

ALT+0174 = Registered

ALT0176 = Superscript

ALT+424 = Upside down

ALT+667 = Cent symbol

ALT+21 = Peculiar

ALT+156 = Pound

ALT+130 = Dashed

ALT+0216 = Dashed

ALT+0135 = Stop sign

ALT+0213 = Diamond

ALT+0134 = Bomb

ALT+9898 or 6666666 = Fish

ALT+0204 = Lock

ALT+0245 = Spade

ALT+175 = Club

ALT+157 = Star

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