How to make a comic strip using screenshots of your Habbo rooms

For this short tutorial we are going to use Paint - freely available on every Windows computer, but you are free to use any other program:

  1. First of all download the Comic Strip image you can find in this article
  2. Open two instances of Paint:
    • to open the first one, just double click the icon
    • to open the second one, hold down the 'Shift' button on your keyboard and then click on the Paint icon
  3. Open the screenshot of your room in one Paint window
  4. Open the Comic Strip in the other Paint window
  5. In Paint Window 1 Use the selector and select the part of the image you want to include in the comic strip
  6. Use Ctrl+C to copy the selection
  7. In Paint Window 2 Use Ctrl-V to paste your selection inside the comic strip
  8. You can now move the pasted image around and resize it as needed
  9. Repeat from step 4 to 7 until you filled the whole comic strip

Some additional tips:

  • When resizing an image or a selection, make sure to not stretch it and keep its proportions
  • On the comic strip image you can add your own bubble speeches using Paint's shapes
  • You can change the outline and the background color of the bubble speeches anytime


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