What can I buy in Habbo?

Spending limits:
Habbo has different spending limits for different payment options. They are all listed on our Spending Limits page in Habbo Helpdesk.

Our goodies:
Wondering what all those shiny things for sale in the HabboMall are? Here are the answers.

Habbo Club

Habbo Club is a special membership that gives you access to a huge list of awesome benefits! HC members get to enjoy the following exclusive goodies:

- HC Badge
- HC Payday
- Exclusive Hair + clothing styles
- Exclusive HC clothing colour palette
- FREE monthly gift
- Earning twice the amount of Duckets
- Wardrobe tool to save your stylish looks
- Ability to double your friends list (up to 1100!)
- Premium queue for public rooms
- Ability to create your own groups
- Exclusive HC room layouts
- Special commands, like :furni (select furni) and :chooser (select users)
- Additional dances, chat bubbles and actions

Find out more about Habbo Club membership options

Builders Club

Builders Club is a special membership that puts a warehouse full of virtual furni and floor plan editor at your fingertips! You can build as much as you want with a large amount of furni and swap items as often as you'd like. BC members get to enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

- Extended furni limits:
    - A one time 500 limit the first time you purchase a 14-day membership
    - A one time 1000 the first time you purchase a 31-day membership (does not apply if you purchased a 14-day membership first)
    - Or purchase even higher furni limits!
- Floor plan editor for custom room layouts
- Ability to unlock rooms containing BC furni and set to open, private and invisible
- Commands like :pickallbc and :floor
- Exclusive BC Achievement Badge
- No interstitial ads

Note: Furni limits never go down. If membership expires your furni limit remains the same and you can continue to build rooms. You must have an active subscription to unlock your rooms for visitors and navigator visibility.

Check out our Builders Club membership options


Rares are a special type of furni that are sold once and never again! Since Rares are in limited supply, they are often sought after in the marketplace and trading and are useful in making your room totally unique. Rares are sold through special offers to our most loyal and frequent Habbos - so make sure to visit the HabboMall often!

Bundles are pre-decorated rooms with a custom layout containing loads of cool furni and an exclusive badge. Some bundles even contain exclusive Rare furni! Purchasing a bundle will save you more than 50% of the cost, compared to building the room yourself bit by bit... not to mention how much time you save!

See what Bundles are currently on offer




Credits are the main currency we use in Habbo. You can purchase tons of cool things with Credits, including:

- Habbo Club Membership
- Furni and decorations for your rooms
- Clothing and Effects for your avatar
- Habbo Exchange Furniture (such as Gold Bars that can be stacked in rooms or traded and are redeemable back to Credits)
- Bots, Pets and Gnomes
- Collectible Monster Plants
- Wired furni to design your own games
- Exclusive Rare and LTD Rare Furni

WAIT - there's more! When you buy Credits, you get:

- 1 Diamond (see below) for every Credit purchased.
- BONUS 120 diamonds with every purchase of 120 credits in 1 month.
- A Bonus Bag with every 120 Credits purchased.  

Purchase Credits at the HabboMall


Diamonds are a special currency that you receive when you purchase Credits. For every 1 Credit purchased, you will receive 1 Diamond! You can spend Diamonds on lots of exclusive things, including:

- Exclusive items in the Diamond Shop
- Exclusive Exchange Furni (useful to exchange diamonds to credits for trading)
- Purchase Builders Club or Habbo Club membership with diamonds + credits
- Exclusive special offers

You can only get Diamonds by purchasing Credits. When you buy Credits, you get:

- One Diamond per Credit purchased
- A bonus of an extra 120 diamonds if buying 120 credits in the same month

Purchase Credits to get Diamonds


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