Habbo Home Page Posters

The old Habbo Homes were incompatible with our new system, so we wanted to give you a gift for your contribution to this project. If you invested time and effort in your Habbo Home and have been active in the Hotel for the last months, you’ll receive a gift: a furni poster that you can place inside your rooms in Habbo. When you click on it, you’ll see a screenshot of your old Habbo Home and you can show it to everyone!

Who receives the gift (poster)?

Everyone who has contributed and invested time and effort decorating and customizing their Habbo Homes AND are still active in the Hotel in the last months.

How many posters can I get?

You’ll receive one poster for each Habbo Home that you’ve created and customized AND that belongs to an active account.

Can I trade with them?

No, these posters are not tradable. They were created for you to show your creativity and your contribution to this project.

Does everyone receive the same gift?

Although the posters look the same when placed inside a room in the Hotel, your screenshot is unique and shows all the effort you've put in decorating and formatting your Habbo Home.

I didn't receive my poster. Why?

Yo may have not been active in Habbo in the last few  months or didn't spend time customizing  your Habbo Home.

Please also note that permanently banned accounts were not considered.

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