Trading update

Today’s changes:

  1. You are now able to 'stack’ multiples of the same item in trading slots, saving valuable space. (The item number field is circled in green in the image below)
  2. When receiving credit furni in a trade (e.g. Gold Bars, Diamond Ducks, 2016 Bubble Juice etc), you will receive the credit value to your purse instead of having those items delivered to your inventory. So, for example, instead of receiving a gold bar, you will receive 50 credits. Normal furni will be delivered to your inventory as usual.



Why we made these changes:

  • Multi-item trading increases efficiency, allowing you to get more done in a single transaction.
  • Having a summary of credits instead of credit furni icons makes it easier to understand the value you are receiving in a trade.
  • Over the years we have discovered a link between movement of credit furni and fraudulent transactions. By converting credit furni to credits in player to player trades, we can combat fraud more effectively.

What is credit furni?

Credit furni are items that can be converted to credits by double clicking them. These items are mainly used in player to player trades.

NOTE: Credit furni will be converted into credits when sold in the Marketplace.

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