Friendship Fusion

How much are the ingredients going to cost?
The ingredients and crafting table will appear in an offer pop up inside the client and app.

How many times can I buy the offer? 
Both new and old users will be able to buy the offer once.

Will Friendship Fusion ever return to Habbo?
We haven't got any solid plans to bring it back, but we may do. For this reason, the clothing items are not classed as rare.

Will I be punished for buying other ingredients on my other Habbo account? 

Are the new clothing items tradable?

Are the ingredients tradable with everyone, or just the opposite 'age' accounts?

Yes, you can get them from trades with other players and from the Marketplace.

Are the new clothing items going to be obtainable in any other way than crafting with the new Friendship Fusion ingredients? 
No, the only way to get the new Friendship Fusion clothing items is to craft them using New Timer or Old Timer Ducks and the Fusion Jar crafting table.

How much of each ingredient do I need to make each of the four new Fusion Friendship clothing items? 
Open the Fusion Jar crafting table by double clicking on it, and you will see the clothing recipes in the 'Available Recipes' box. Click/tap on each of the clothing item icons in this box, and you will see which ingredients you need for each clothing item!

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