Hotel Hideaway

Is Hotel Hideaway created and run by Sulake?

Yes! Hotel Hideaway is a new game that we have made.


Who is able to download and play Hotel Hideaway?

The Hotel Hideaway app is currently available in most countries. Exceptions include Spanish speaking countries, any Portuguese speaking countries, Arabic speaking countries, China, South Korea and Japan.


Can I obtain the two new items (the Warper T Shirt and the Cookie Jar) if I don’t have a .COM Habbo account?

No, the only way to obtain the new items is to paste the unique 32 character code (given to your .COM Habbo) inside the Hideaway app (see below for more detailed instructions). After the code is redeemed successfully, both your Hotel Hideaway and Habbo accounts will be given the new items.


Why is the code only available on

At the moment, Hotel Hideaway is only available in English. Because we don’t have support for Hotel Hideaway in different countries, we feel like it’s not fair to offer this code in other sites at the moment. You are welcome to create an account on and gain the items there in this way.


Will you offer the items in Habbo for sale?

No, we have no plans to sell these items in other countries.


When will we get these items in our Hotel?

At the moment, we have no plans to bring these items to the other hotels.


If I get these items on, can I have them moved to my home hotel?

Sorry, we’re not able to do this!


How do I obtain the two new items on Habbo and Hotel Hideaway?

  1. First of all, you need to create a Habbo account if you haven’t already got one. (You can make an account on the Habbo app if you prefer - it’s available on iOS and Android). 
  2. Once you are logged in to your Habbo account, go to the Hotel Hideaway page on this website
  3. Follow the instructions on how to enter your unique code in Hotel Hideaway (either by copying and pasting it from the web page or scanning the QR code) This box can be found in the Hotel News section. Tap the Hotel News button on the right hand side of the Elevator view (visible after logging in). 
  4. Once you’ve done this, all of your Hotel Hideaway avatars and your Habbo avatars on each account/identity will be rewarded with the new exclusive items.


If I redeem the code on one Habbo identity, do all of the avatars associated with that identity get the two new items?



Are the two new Habbo items tradable?



Are all Habbo and Hideaway accounts going to be associated in this way?

No, only the accounts under identities who choose to get the exclusive items in both games.


I don't want to create a Hotel Hideaway account, am I forced to do it to continue playing Habbo?

No. Hideaway is a different game run by Sulake but independent from Habbo. If you are not interested in creating a Hideaway account, you can continue playing Habbo as usual.


How does the launch of Hideaway affect Habbo?

It has absolutely no impact on Habbo. We will continue to work with users to bring fun to the community and we will focus on moving from Flash to a new platform in the near future.


Is Hideaway a new version of Habbo?

No. They are different products with different styles. Hideaway is only available in English and  aimed at an different age group to those allowed to play Habbo (from 17 years old upwards).


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