How can I trade items?

Habbo has a secure trading system; you can trade items without fear of them being stolen. To trade with another Habbo privately, you must first be friends with them. To sell an item privately and directly to a friend, select your friend as the target Habbo when you put an item on the Marketplace from your inventory. To trade publicly, you can use the public Marketplace!

Remember - you must have have a trading pass in order to trade with other Habbos! You'll find some answers to common trading questions below. 


How do I know if another user is allowed to trade or not?

While you can’t see if another Habbo is able to trade or not, you can see if you are able to by checking your achievements for the Trading Pass badge.


How do I trade items?

In your inventory, select the item you want to sell. In the dialog box that appears, select the friend you want to sell it to. Once you have finished putting the item up for sale, the other Habbo will see your offer in their incoming private trades in the Shop's marketplace section. They can then buy it!

If you want to buy an item from a friend, you need to ask them to make a private offer for you in the way outlined above. You can then buy the item from your incoming private offers in the Marketplace.


How can I trade multiple items?

Multiples of one product can be put up for sale in the Marketplace all at once, but they’re always actually traded one by one. Remember: listing each item for sale comes with an operation fee. To buy an item costs the amount of credits listed on the Marketplace.


What is credit furni?

Credit furni are items that can be converted to credits by double clicking them. These items are mainly used in player to player trades. When receiving credit furni in a trade (e.g. Gold Bars, Diamond Ducks, 2016 Bubble Juice etc), you will receive the credit value to your purse or vault instead of having those items delivered to your inventory. So, for example, instead of receiving a gold bar, you will receive 50 credits.


Do I have to trade?

No, you don't have to trade if you do not want to. 


Can I get free furni or have my furni doubled or tripled through trading?

Habbos will often claim they can double your furni if you trade it to them, or that you can get free furni by doing this. It's not true, and they are trying to steal your furni. If someone tries this then you should send a 'call for help' and then leave the room.


Can I still receive gifts from other Habbos if I don't have a trading pass?

Yes, you can.


What are items worth?

There is no guide to what items of furni are worth, they are worth whatever you are willing to accept or pay for them.


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